Server Management

Manage your server’s computational resources with an upgrade and progression system to ensure your community remains happy and keeps playing.

Install Plugins

Using the plugin system, build the server of your dreams and tailor it to the users you wish to attract! The extensive plugin system allows you to customize your server to fit your vision exactly.

  • Manager

  • Moderator

  • Developer

Hire Qualified Staff

No man is an island – to run your server effectively, you will need to build the ideal staff team to support your ambitions. Use the in-game hiring system to select the best candidates to carry your server to the top!

Manage Pay Store

Fund your server through the Pay Store. Sell kits, ranks, and more to keep the money flowing for your server’s expansion. The happier your users, the more they’ll pay!

Enjoy Different Events

Not everything will be smooth sailing. Special events will force you to make tough decisions on how you want to run your ideal server.

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My server is infected with virus!

A heated arguement broke out here!

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